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All donations are welcome! You can give a once-off donation or you can have a monthly debit-order. Remember that no matter how large or small your contribution is, it will make a difference in someone’s life! For donations see our Outreach Project payment methods below.


Outreach Project Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 025009, Rondebosch branch

Account Name: Ananda Kutir Outreach Project
Account Number: 275471152
Reference: Your Name and Purpose of Payment

Should you wish your EFT donation to be anonymous, kindly use ‘Anonymous’ in the reference.

A natural extension of the practise of Karma Yoga is the Ashrama’s
various Outreach Programmes. These provide the opportunity to become
involved in service to a wider community.

Outreach Project

Ananda Kutir Outreach Project was set up in 1984 to assist those living in impoverished conditions in Cape Town, particularly those affected by TB and HIV/AIDS. This project is run entirely by volunteers who provide food, clothing, blankets and disaster relief when needed. As there are no administrative costs, all funding received goes directly into the project.

• Provide sandwiches for TB/HIV patients in various clinics in informal settlements.

Acting as a collection point for clothing, blankets which are distributed regularly to those in need.

Providing disaster relief

Winter Drive Appeal 2021 - Please click here for more details.

TB affects us All

On the 23rd April 1993 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared TB a global crisis. In 2004 almost 15 million people were living with TB and the number is rising annually. The greatest increase in TB incidence worldwide is in the Western Cape of South Africa.

With HIV/AIDS now being experienced on global proportions many TB sufferers also contract HIV. A strong immune system can fight off the TB bacillus and HIV virus. Since 1984 the Ananda Kutir Outreach Project has been reaching out to the disadvantaged communities of Cape Town by providing the following:

• Food Deliveries - Food is prepared by volunteers at the ashram and delivered every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to TB and HIV/AIDS clinics in disadvantaged communities of Cape Town. In addition food parcels, prepared by volunteers in their homes, are distributed to HIV/AIDS patients.

• School Feeding - Volunteers prepare sandwiches once a week at their homes for distribution to school children.

• Clothing Distribution - The Ashrama is a depot for clothing and blankets  in good condition. These are distributed among the needy.

• Christmas Food Parcels - Annually special hampers as well as toys are donated to TB and HIV patients and their families.


The following benefits have been observed in patients.

• Patients are motivated to take their treatment regularly

• Recovery rates are improved

• Improvement in quality of life