Finding the Answers to Life.

Who Am I?  What is the Ultimate Reality?  What is the purpose of life? Where have we come from?  These are the fundamental questions that arise in the heart of a seeker?  Jnana Yoga is the path to self-discovery.  It is not merely gaining knowledge given by others, but a way to discover the answers within ourselves.  Then that knowledge will set us free.

Classes offered:

NEW LECTURE SERIES:  The Supreme Yoga (The Yoga Vasishtha)

The Yoga Vasishtha is a most inspiring text dealing with the profound questions regarding the meaning of life and the nature of consciousness. These eternal quests of the seeker deal with the very basis of our existence.

In these Satsangs with Swami Vidyananda we shall contemplate the teachings and stories of the Yoga Vasishtha in order to integrate the lessons into our lives, thereby making our lives more meaningful.

Weekly on Wednesdays at 19h30-20h45.
Those who wish to join the kirtan singing can join at 18h45.

Donations are welcome.

The Yoga Vasishtha via Zoom
On Wednesday morning from 11h00-12h00,
Swami Parvathiananda conducts a lecture and discussion dealing with The Supreme Yoga (The Yoga Vasishtha) by Sri Swami Venkatesananda. Reference texts used are 'Living Meditation' and
'Raja Yoga'. Please contact the Ashram, via the contact tab on the website, for the Zoom Link.

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