Every human being can be happy, experience love and wisdom and be whole and complete. This is the solid declaration of the Yogis.

Yoga and Vedanta are the time-tested ways by which humans have been able to attain this. To accomplish this, one needs to be able to harmonise body, heart, mind and soul. An integrated approach of all the Yogas is the most suitable way. This ensures that every part of our being is harmonised. When we are harmonised on all levels of our being, we can attain true and lasting happiness, love, wisdom and wholeness.



For this the main yogas have been devised:

Raja Yoga to harmonise the mind.

Jnana Yoga (Vedanta) to enter into the reality of our true being.

Bhakti Yoga to harmonise the heart.

Karma Yoga to live happily, lovingly and wisely.

Hatha Yoga to harmonise body, energy and mind.