About Ananda Kutir Ashrama

'Ananda Kutir Ashrama' is a place of spirituality that is open to all people who wish to learn and practice the universal and non-sectarian principles of Yoga

Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga enables one to lead a balanced, harmonious lifestyle which is conducive to peace of mind. Sri Swami Sivananda’s Integral Yoga consists of a unique, simple, practical and modern approach incorporating all the aspects of these traditional Yoga practices

Jnana Yoga

The Yoga of higher knowledge and wisdom. Ananda Kutir Ashram has a library with a wonderful range of books for the public to borrow, or buy at affordable prices.

Karma Yoga

Ananda Kutir Ashrama's Outreach Project serves communities in need in Cape Town, and includes school feeding, food deliveries to TB and HIV/AIDS patients, clothing distribution, Christmas food parcels and the free distribution of non-sectarian spiritual literature.

Children's Integral Yoga

The Children’s Integral Yoga Programme is a spiritually based programme, highlighting aspects of spirituality in all faiths.
"Service will purify your heart, and give you great joy and peace of mind. The more joy and love you give to others, the more joy and love will come to you." - Swami Sivananda